july. thirty. won.

Anddd we’re back. This month featuring the illustrations of Jacob Storer. We explored with some new styles, writing and painting in tandem, one medium influencing the other – and some slapdash random amblings. Enjoy! 1) One fresh off the press to start: So many new bodies and edges and Shapes Distort the memories of your… Continue reading july. thirty. won.


So, the format has shifted a bit, or really just the schedule. We’ll go monthly from now on. This Month, featuring the photography of Cole Witter. Cole is a very skilled and thoughtful photographer, and has been doing some incredible work throughout NYC for the past couple of years. Luckily, he obliged me when asked… Continue reading HARPOON & LIPS

Baby Boi Jibberish

1) DESPERADO: this animal is ragged but this animal has god a thin body and a pearl cross. does the circumstance absolve from the consequence. regular lawd, applauded. -dip the prodigy “this will bring rain.”   2) THE SECOND-TO-FIRST TIME: WHY, YOUR FOREARMS ARE STEEL. RUN MY HANDS AMONG THEM. “FINGERS-A-TANGLE” BABY BOI JIBBERISH OUT… Continue reading Baby Boi Jibberish